5 Signs You Have Broken Garage Door Springs

A broken spring can be hard to determine. Here are a few different ways you can tell if your garage door spring is broken


  1. Your spring is visibly broken

There are two common styles of springs, a torsion spring and a torque tube system. If your spring is visible above your door you have a torsion spring. If you see a long tube above your door, you have a Wayne-Dalton TorqueMaster® Counterbalance. A gap about  2″ in your torsion spring will indicate a broken spring. If you have a double car garage with one door, chances are you have 2 springs. Even if only one spring breaks, we recommend changing both. The amount of tension that your second spring has from doing the work of two springs can cause it to break shortly after we repair the first broken spring. 


  1. Door only opens a few inches off the ground

The operator on your garage ceiling is trying to open your garage door with out any support from a spring. The sensors in your opener that control the force of movement in the door, as well as safety features will prevent the operator from moving the door all the way up.


  1. Broken cables 

A broken cable is a telltale sign you have a broken spring. Your cables are normally located on either side of your door, wrapped around a drum, that moves with your spring to open and close your door.  Do your cables look frayed, snapped or even laying on the floor? Are your cables bunched up around the drum? When our service technicians fix your broken spring, they will replace your broken cables as well. 


  1. What did it sound like?

When you opened your garage door did you hear a loud noise? Because there are so many moving parts in your garage door system, those parts can squeak, and make noises you get used to hearing. When your spring breaks, you may hear a loud snapping sound. Be careful when you investigate the sound, as parts of the spring system may fall. 


  1. You can’t lift your door manually

Your operator will have a pull cord that will allow you to disconnect the operator arm from your door. At this point you can try to open your door manually. It will be extremely heavy to lift, or may not lift at all. 




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  1. It was truly informative when you said that one of the best ways to determine whether the spring of the garage door was broken or not was if the cables looked snapped, broken, or are lying on the floor. To be honest, I thought that a broken cable was something that comes naturally and can be repaired without the help of an expert. Seeing this article helped me realize that I am underestimating the garage door. It might be for the best that I call a professional to fix it right away. Thank you.

  2. David Higginbotham

    With my garage door up
    There are almost rhythmic sounds coming from the springs.
    Doesn’t do it when door closed

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